What We Do​

We Make Nature Smile​

Our Foundation is currently achieving significant success with the publication of the online climate information portal, the only scientific information site on the subject in Hungary, where 60 experts assist the editors and which has become a reference for the Hungarian press, with more than 1200 articles published by various media, regardless of political affiliation. Our Foundation has close links with prominent and respected authors, editors and photographers, which makes it well placed to actively support the production of further climate-nature and environmental publications.


Go along With Nature​

Popular Science Education

Since its inception, our Foundation has published more than 5,000 science education articles on green living, economics, transport, renewable energy, environment and conservation on its online and offline platforms.
Professionals working in the science workshop of The Explorer magazine established the international network of contacts that today enables the Foundation’s experts to maintain contact and develop their various science outreach projects with the world’s most renowned research institutions, universities, world organisations and think tanks. Our experts are also ready to develop and manage specific scientific, awareness-raising, climate change, environmental and conservation projects on request of external clients.


With the support of the European Climate Foundation, our foundation has been conducting successful meteorological research for many years in comparing international and Hungarian extreme weather events with the Department of Meteorology of Eötvös Loránd University, one of Hungary’s top universities. Our research experts have considerable expertise in the fields of climate research and development, innovation management, system innovation, and change management. Thanks to our international contacts, these research areas and methodologies can be effectively adapted to neighbouring areas and countries.


Our organisation is active in publishing, both online and offline, and its Scientific Advisory Board has for many years supported the professional work of The Explorer magazine in Hungary and Bulgaria. The Magazine with more than 60 issues and 10 years of operation has become one of the leading media for science education in Hungary. During its years of publishing support, the magazine won first prizes in several international photo competitions for its presentation of the hidden treasures of different countries. With the advice and expert assistance of our organisation,  more than 40 issues of Ecolife green lifestyle magazine helped were also published. Our team took an active part in the publication of the book “Window in the Sky”, which was awarded the Diploma of Fine Hungarian Book Art and featured poems by photographer Attila Lóránt and actor Péter Molnár Kállóy.

Trainings and education

Our experts have led various popular climate education programmes for more than 2500 children in 30 schools in Hungary. We have trained more than 2,500 children in more than 30 schools in more than 30 countries. Our municipal and NGO experts have been working for many years on climate strategies, sustainable urban development strategies, liveable city strategies, community meetings, participatory planning and financing, municipal and regional plans, urban planning, near-natural solutions, water conservation solutions, as well as project consultancy and management, from project preparation to project closure.

Publishing Design

Our Foundation also provides complete publication design services, as we have in-house resources for the design, typesetting and other services. The Explorer and Ecolife magazines were completely prepared with own resources. As part of our service framework we also undertake the complete design of colour educational and educational publications for projects, including printing solutions.

Project Management

Our colleagues have extensive experience in environmental, conservation, climate, health, social and agricultural project management, which they can use to meet the latest EU standards internationally.

Event Management

Our experts have worked on the planning, preparation and implementation of complex environmentally conscious events such as the Balaton Regatta, the largest amateur sailing regatta series in Hungary, including the first Green Regatta, the Car Regatta, the Architects’ Regatta, the Realtors’ Regatta and National Regattas. We were the first to organise conferences and thematic events in Hungary, such as the Well-Being conference, Green Office Week, the Earth 21 Talks and lectures by world-renowned American speakers such as zero waste activist Bea Johnson, neurosurgeon Eben Alexander and cell biologist Bruce Lipton.


Our experts can provide advice and consultancy in complex areas such as green living, environmental-nature and climate protection campaigns, urban development, climate protection strategy, sustainable urban development strategy, liveable city strategy, community assembly, participatory planning and financing, municipal and regional development plans, urban planning, nature-based solutions, water conservation solutions, health and social development.

Expeditions and Fieldworks

Our expedition specialists Dr. Tamás Elter and Dr. Zsolt Palkó actively helped to organise the First Hungarian Amber Expedition to the Azores and to prepare the First Hungarian Deep Sea Expedition to commemorate the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic. This initiative was actively support by the Sirsov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Deep Ocean Expeditions Ltd. under the professional leadership of Professor Anatoly Sagalevich, and by James Cameron’s 11 Academy Award-winning film epic “Titanic” as chief collaborator This expedition triggered a great deal of media interest in Hungary and abroad, but was postponed due to the failure of the Russian deep-sea submersible sounding probes MIR 1 and MIR 2. However, our Foundation’s expert, former editor-in-chief of The Explorer magazine, Dr. Tamás Elter, has conducted valuable research on the Hungarian victims of the Titanic and we were the first to publish data on the fate of the Hungarian victims and the sacrificial work of Hungarian doctor Dr. Árpád Lengyel, who was actively involved in the rescue.
Our experts followed and reported in colourful material on the Hungarian Dinosaur Expedition of Dr. Attila Ősi, Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, which was dedicated to the Mesozoic part of Hungarian palaeontological research, more specifically to the excavation and study of the remains of organisms found in the sediments of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods in Hungary. Our experts have extensive experience in organising and conducting further expeditionary research.


Through our skilled professionals and extensive professional contacts, we are able to undertake networking tasks that can induce and initiate profound changes in the above areas, both in municipal, community, civic and awareness-raising fields.